Thursday, December 2, 2010

VS LIFE: It's tough, so get a helmet

That's life. ©Toby Adamson/Axiom” –

To quote from the gospel of Kevin Smith movies; "The whole world's against me, dude, I swear to God."

Basically, that's what this blog is about. Me going toe to toe, pound for pound, round for round with life.

'Cause let's face it; if love is a battlefield, life is a minefield. One that's placed conveniently between me and my life's desires. And the mines are banks, bad customer service, rackets, taxes, Snooki, traffic, bad music worth inventing new adjectives for, bad movies not even worth your adjectives and everyone else trying to cross that same field to get to their edge of hopes and desires. All set to blow. (um, no pun intended)

Suffice it to say: life is tough, get your head a helmet.

My intent here is not to blog about me. Not really. That'd be more of the monotonous drivel that already hammers away at your Twitter and Facebook feeds daily, where everyone shouts the same word into their megaphones: "ME, ME, ME." We don't need more of that. This isn't a story about me trying to get past life as a minefield. What interests me is stepping on these mines. I want to see how much life's obstacles really blow. That's the SOP for this here blog where I fight things.

I like attempting new things, I like quests, and I really like music, film, arts, and etc. So that's all game here. Writing about my bout with Sovereign Bank or trying oysters for the first time is just as relevant here as the new Kanye West album. These are mines that lay in our field, and some blow more than others. So I hope you follow along or drop by once in a while and bring me some of your own challenges. Dare me to try things, send me your band's records/demos for review. This is where I need to stop myself before I go ahead and say something like, "this blog is the bomb."

Just keep some things in mind. I hate strawberries. I don't jump off bridges because I was told to. I won't fight a snake. And I don't fight the law, 'cause the law wins.

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